We are a family of three who are about to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives thus far… living aboard our 31ft catamaran, Pinafore.
Our decisions to do this will become more clear as the blog progresses (I hope) but for now it’s safe to say we wanted to change our lives and try something different.
We are a young family from the South Coast of the UK; I, myself, am a biomedical scientist. Contrary to popular opinion that does not make me a doctor and, no I cannot diagnose that weird lump on your foot. What it does mean however is that I test blood for a living.
My wife (H) use to work for the Jubilee Sailing Trust, however since the birth of our daughter (S) she has had her hands a little full!
S is currently 9 months old, her favourite things include banging two objects together, exploring with her mouth and anything musical (especially banging on the piano).
A few years ago we decided to put our lives in God’s hands (hence “He Made Me Do It”) and for us to live out the plan he has for us. Since then our lives have been a roller coaster of happenings – sometimes good and sometimes bad but always his plan.

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