Culinary Delights From a Pint Sized Kitchen

I hasten to add that (according to Dan especially!) I don’t actually create that many culinary delights in our kitchen but I felt the title was more interesting that ‘Cooking in a Boat Kitchen’!

I blame my lack of culinary prowess on 2 factors, having a little one running around while I cook (all my meals have to take 30 minutes or less!) and boat-imposed limitations.

This is my kitchen:

I like to think of it as perfectly formed and if we didn’t live on board it would more than exceed as a galley… However, the fact is that we do live on board and cooking in a miniature kitchen does present me with various challenges, from having to stoop to do anything to only having 2 gas rings and a half size rusty, temperamental grill! Gone are the days when I cook lasange (a tasty but 3 ring meal) or steak (far too messy and we don’t have a proper frying pan anyway) and in are the days of bean chilli, jacket potatoes and pasta galore!

Part of the problem is our fridge…

…which is actually a fairly decent size for a boat fridge but the box approach means a constant reorganisation of goods so that you don’t crush your eggs or grapes with a 4pint bottle of milk! Luckily, Asda (the UK’s alternative to Walmart, but without the guns) is just around the corner so we can shop little and often rather than a big weekly shop. Having said that though, I’ve been thinking more and more about the environmental impact of shopping at supermarkets and have decided to enquire at the Marina office (where our post/parcels are delivered) whether I could order a weekly fruit and veg box from a local farmer. We shall see….

Anyway, I realise that this post has come across fairly negative but I did struggle to come across many positives to cooking on board. This isn’t to say that every mealtime is something I dread but rather that often I find myself lacking inspiration. So any recommendations for cheap, tasty, mainly veggie meals would be much appreciated!!

One advantage of the low counter tops though is that my little helper has easy access!

I feel that I should make it clear that I am definitely not shirking in my responsibility to produce tasty treats occasionally and have proven on several occasions that our oven is more than capable of baking a cake and have even battled with our lack of space to create a Mississippi Mud Pie. In fact, Dan suggested that my lack of inspiration is due to always flipping to the ‘dessert’ section of recipe books before looking at the part which would actually give me meal ideas!

Anyway, I am very aware that I have started to ramble so will bid you adieu and remind you to fling any good recipes my way!


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