Christmas on a boat!

The title of this post is somewhat misleading as we abandoned our floating home in favour of Christmas with my parents in their


snug house in Dartmouth (complete with roaring log fire). However, as we weren’t leaving until Christmas Eve I did find some time to put up some Christmas decorations in the boat to get us in the festive spirit…though I suspect it worked better for me than Dan as he merely noticed the varnish stripped away by selotape and kept banging his head on my hanging wooden ‘Christmas’. However, Sophia seemed to enjoy the preparations and so did I; that’s the main thing!

Sophia Decs

During our landlubber Christmas we visited my parents newly acquired yacht, ‘Lucy M’, and did much brainstorming on how to improve Pinafore and prepare her for our Atlantic plans. On this note, looking back over the blog, Dan seems to have neglected to explain our long-term boat plans so I will correct that now!
We bought Pinafore in September excited about living aboard but with only vague plans of where we would actually sail her. Our adventure was in living afloat and that was sufficient at first. However, as we realised the potential of Pinafore, we started to formulate plans. Now, we wish to stay in Brighton for 5/6 years in order to pay off the loan which we took out to buy Pinafore and save up some money and then we will be off! We plan to sail down to the Canary Islands, across the Atlantic and then spend 6 months to a year exploring the Caribbean before we head back to the UK where we hope to reside on the River Dart for a while.

Although much more needs to be said on this, I must beg baby brain (is that still an excuse when she’s a year old?!) and cut this short.

But stay tuned for another guest post on crossing the Atlantic and my perspective of living aboard with a toddler!


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