Guitars onboard – no one likes a crooked neck!

“How will my guitars stand up to the punishment?” Was one of the first things that occurred to me when considering our adventure. Anyone who knows me know that music is a major part of my life and here was I being confronted with the most serious of questions.

Fortunately a few years back I had decided upon the purchase of an Ovation MOB. Ovation guitars are an oddity amongst the acoustic guitar world in that

The Ovation MOB has stood the test of time being hammered at gigs and seems to hold up well onboard

Charles Kaman had decided to create a round-back guitar with a bowl made out of composite synthetic material (not wood).  In the Ovation MOB a guitar was made that had been purposely designed to be played on the beaches and left in sunlight. But still, how would the extra moisture affect it? Well, I couldn’t be without my songwriting and gigging tool so the risk was taken and on board it came.

Unfortunately I also owned an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, a solid wood guitar with a reputation of dodgy necks (usually snapped). Whether it would have stood the test of time I’ll never know as I just couldn’t justify taking it on board.

So how has the Ovation coped? The neck is still straight and I rarely have to even tune it. When it’s not in use it’s always kept in its hard case, but I have been impressed with how well it is keeping.

I’m now looking into my next purchase, a much-needed guitar for recording the

Would an all-wood guitar last?

album (the Ovation just doesn’t cut it for recording purposes), and have fallen in love with the Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500RE. It’s a solid wood guitar (danger!) and am wondering whether it will last aboard or will it have to live with a fellow band mate (lucky sod!).

I’ve created a poll to decide the outcome of this procurement… it’s up to you guys!


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