Leaving peaceful behind

Well the past month has flown by; we’ve begun our liveaboard adventure and life has been hectic to the extent that my intent to blog has been overlooked.

So, we moved aboard but for the first couple of weeks we had to juggle adjusting to our new life whilst clearing up the old one. The house needed rectifying before we could finally leave that chapter behind.

Since that time we have been attempting to overcome all the little differences that the floaty home brings. Differences like emptying the toilet – yuck!, bending your knees (so your back isn’t constantly hunched), tiny galley (washing up must be done right away), laundry (where did we put that damn washing machine!) and condensation… (I’ve waged war against the latter, current strategies include carpeting the cabin walls, installing shutters instead of curtains, keeping air flow in the form of open hatches and stopping the crew from breathing).

Tomorrow we set sail East down the coast to our new home; a concrete jungle compared to where we have been. The stars have been too many to count, birds and swans graze at every low tide and the nights are so peaceful compared to night time in Portsmouth, littered with cars and drunks.

But onwards we must sail, tomorrow we anchor out and Friday morning we’ll catch the tide and sail to our next destination. Let’s hope the winds are in our favour!


One response to “Leaving peaceful behind

  1. Christine Durdin

    Hi Dan, great to see your blog is underway and that you and the family can finally settle down aboard the Pinafore. I am looking forward to the trials and tribulations of the Durdins afloat. Good luck. God Bless and loads of hugs and kisses to all xxxxx

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